Testimonies are a very important part of our ministry as it encourages us to keep going with our work and others get inspired by other people's stories!


We prayed for this waitress in a Harvester restaurant and she got instantly healed of hip joint problems that needed an operation. Read below:

"Hello my love!! Yes completely pain free!! I can’t thank you and Tamara enough!! I can’t say I completely believe but you have completely changed my point of view and faith ! Miss you all!! Hope Tamara and the kids are well and your all keeping safe and well xxxx"

Eyes improved


Steven and Tamara!!!
I just wanted to check in and let you know that I am seeing much better. I have noticed that I can see details on things I could not even without my glasses.
What I did not tell you was that when I was in Jamaica I could not even see the store names on the building with my glasses on. But now I can see the computer I can see the writing I can see my notes in my note book without my glasses on and everything is clearer!!!!!
I just wanted to say thank you for the prayer over my eyes while I was there because I do believe that God has done a mighty work and I am so grateful.
Love you all!

Family changed


​I praise God for this blessed ministry! God in His faithfulness bought Steven and Tamara into my life at a crucial point. My daughter was in a state school and was not able to express herself freely. I had been considering christian homeschooling for her. I was praying for her and believing for the salvation of my children. I also had a past in a cult and was under attack frequently by the enemy. Me and my daughter have been set free and experiencing liberty and joy now by the prayers and fellowship with Steven and family. My daughter has been baptised and filled with the holy spirit, she speaks in tongues also. I also was re-baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.



It was a warm Jamaican evening and we were looking for a place to live as we had to leave the apartment we were staying at in two days. We decided to go around the corner and look at a house opposite the local fire station which someone had told us about. Unfortunately the owner was not around nor did he answer his phone, so we decided we were going to go home, but God had other plans!

All of a sudden a man named Garfield saw we were looking for someone and asked us where we wanted to go, we said that we were looking for a place to live. He told us about a guest house just around the corner from where we were currently staying. We took the information Garfield gave us about the guesthouse and thanked him.

The same night we looked visited the guesthouse and met the lady who owned it who is from Canada. Deborah, the owner called out with a loud, strong voice, “Tallman”, which was his nickname and told this guy who seemed to be doing everything around there to show us a house and when we’d seen it she would sort out a price. We were not sure if we wanted it so we went back home and to think about it.

We went back the next day in the daytime along with the lady who’s place we were staying in and found we liked it more. Deborah gave us a really good deal so we decided to take it and moved there the following day.

We saw that Deborah was very open to the gospel, and she told us that she desired to rekindle her spiritual life. Within one week of us knowing her she asked us to baptize her, so we did, and she was so eager to get in the water, she almost baptised herself!

Then about a week later an evangelist came from the USA to stay at the guesthouse and spoke to her Jamaican husband about being a disciple of Jesus and being baptized. The husband agreed to be baptized so the Evangelist and Steven baptized him. The husband, Trevor is in his 70’s and the wife is in her 60’s.

Sometime later their daughter came from the United States and within a couple of weeks Steven engaged her with the gospel and her heart was also open and she also decided to become a disciple of Jesus and get baptized. In addition, she asked if her very young children could be baptized but Steven advised dedication instead due to their understanding. Now all that is left is her husband in the USA. Watch this space……..

The latest update to this testimony is that Deborah went to be with The Lord Jesus and left us only a few months after her baptism.
Click HERE to watch Trevor's baptism



​2 years ago I suffered depression. There were a number of reasons for my depression. The fact that due to circumstances I've moved to 10 houses in the past 16 years. Lost our home, went through a divorce, went through bankrupcy, then having to find money to pay insolvency within a year, bringing up a teenager with behaviour problems. He also wouldn't get up to go to school so that was a struggle for 5 years.

We were both in a hostel, then I rushed into renting a house, where we were both unhappy. I didn't feel like making it homely. I lived just for my children. I didn't feel no joy whatsoever. I fell asleep very late at night, then I would get up and kept having thoughts throughout the night, I struggled out of bed with very little sleep, as soon as I dropped my son to school, I'd cry all the way to work. Couldn't eat anything in the morning, struggled to eat at all, but forced myself to have something. I felt like drinking alcohol which I did occasionly. I wasn't a heavy drinker just 1 or 2 glasses of wine.
One day a friend of mine took me to a Church. I went looking awful, didn't even dress properly. As I sat there I couldn't stop crying. From then on I went every Sunday to church. Then I was baptised.
After a few months I started to go to church near where I lived. I used to go to the altar and tell the pastor to pray for my depression to leave. I went to so many healing services.
Then I started praying and worshipping early in the morning and I read a few Pslams . I was praying for my 25 year old daughter at the same time because she was smoking weed and following Islam. For the first time I had the holy spirit, and I felt that there was God after all, it gave me hope.

Months went by and I was still depressed, until one day I said to Steven, I've decided to go to doctors to get anti-depressants.
I didn't want to take medication but I just didn't want to feel the way I was feeling every day. Steven advised me not to take anti-depressants and he prayed for me. Within days my depression went.

My daughter and I wasn't close, we became close again, she started asking me to help her. I had everyone praying for her. I also used to go to Steven's and Tamara's house and we would pray together for her salvation. My daughter is also now a Christian, Steven himself baptised her, and she stopped smoking weed completely and goes to Church every Sunday. But that's another testimony.
God is such a good Father. Thank You Jesus, Thank you Steven.

Just my 2 sons to be saved now and I know that our Father will save them. We are nothing without JESUS. We need Jesus every second,every day. He gives me strength each and every day. Without Jesus I wouldn't be here today. Without Jesus we would be like the lost souls we see on the streets drinking alcohol first thing in the morning. I LOVE JESUS. He's done a miracle with my daughter. Thank You Lord. 



From 1980- 2014 I was in an extremely controlled abusive marriage during this time I was not allowed to have keys to my own home or any access to funds that I worked for, during this time. The only contact I had with people was during my working day other than that I had been conditioned throughout my life to keep my mouth shut, this stems back from child hood, so it was easy for me to do exactly that. In the latter years I had really really had enough truth is I wanted to die as I saw that as freedom.

I had always believed in God and I prayed every day and I know he was always with me as I would have gone insane without him in my life (this is what often infuriated Martin) because no matter what I went through because of my belief I would never ever give in and say I didn’t believe.

Anyway, things were getting far worse than they had been and I mistakenly took to many pain killers. As a result of looking after him and his also abusive mother, I believe this was my turning point because from that moment on Jesus took over every step of the way and freed me and what a wonderful day that was. Sadly, when I was free the world was a different place from what I remembered I felt like I had been in a coma, I wasn’t angry, but I couldn’t really communicate with people I felt guilty when I did. I went to Alpha but didn’t want to talk to anyone, I went to Beta and still didn’t want to talk to anyone

I was getting better but didn’t really want to talk to anyone, I did commitment and it changed me in so many ways. I had a vision and I knew exactly where God wanted me to go but this was a struggle.

Because I could not speak out loud or pray in public or speak in tongues out loud many people had prayed over me, as so many times in church my heart would break, at watching TV my heart would break even seeing things in the street my heart would break I felt I was feeling everyone’s pain (I now know why this was happening)

I felt God was talking to me more and more about what I should be doing but I just kept saying how can I when I can’t pray out loud and I joined the connect group as I was getting better but I still Wasn’t really connecting with people until I met you Steven, we had to sit with your family and as lovely as they are I was really still quite nervous and was waiting for your friends to come, because I knew that I would be called elsewhere, your friends did come but I was invited by you to stay and I am so thankful for that, I believe whole heartedly that you was sent by Jesus to free me from the chains of my past and you have set me free, so free that I am experiencing the love of our Lord Jesus who has done some wonderful things in my life, I now speak in tongues out loud (I have always understood what I said in tongues) but I now know that is a gift, I have translated tongues, and I have had visions with every message that Jesus has given me some wonderful things that I have had to pass on and things I know are for a later date that Jesus will take me to, I can also write my tongues down and I now know that is another gift.

Through your praying over me Steven was so powerful that I actually felt them break and I almost heard them snap in Jan I had a vision whilst in commitment class there was a beautiful small bridge with trees either side in the most beautiful colours, colours that I know but far to wonderful to explain if that makes sense, over the bridge was a wonderful field I didn’t cross the bridge but I could see it and there was again the most wonderful trees with a beautiful glow of colour above them it was so peaceful I wanted to cross the bridge but I couldn’t , I now know that thanks to Jesus love through you that I have crossed that bridge and I am now able to fulfil God’s plan for me.



Greetings Evangelist,
There aren't enough words to express how AMAZING I felt since last Friday. I was Baptized May 19th by Pastor Paula who is by the way TRULY ANOINTED. Thank you so much for putting me in contact with her. Everything went well, I'm still high off the spirit since then. That experience was so enlighting and fulfilling, I knew I chose the right time to commit myself to Christ. You have been a blessing for me, honestly, I don't know how I would have completed this task without your help. I appreciate you so much. I pray that God continues to bless you, your family, your church, and any and everybody you're connected to! Stay Blessed!

Thanks Again,

depression gone


A young girl was suffering from depression. Please read this testimony after Tamara ministered to her

"Good morning sister. I just wanted to let you know that Shekhina is much more happier these days. I haven’t seen her gloomy at all this week. Thank you for praying for her. They loved your song and keeps talking about your beautiful voice." Anju



I was brought up in a Christian home with my 2 sisters and 1 brother and was taken by my parents to Pentecostal Churches from as young as I can remember. I always believed that God existed and that the universe was created by him, but I did not give Him place my life until the age of 18.

When I was at the age of 9 years old I remember getting sat down in our living room by my father and being told that my younger brother who was 3 years old at the time had been diagnosed with Leukaemia. At that age, I couldn't fully comprehend the seriousness that cancer of the blood really causes to your health.

At the beginning of my teenage years, and after many years of being in and out of various different specialist cancer hospitals, watching my brother get worse and worse in his health it started to take a negative effect on me and my relationship with my parents, especially my father. My faith in God also deteriorated rapidly. I started to look for something that would take my mind away from the pain and suffering that my brother was enduring.

From the age of around 14 I got involved with a large group of boys (mainly older than me) who were all heavily involved in the use of drugs, illegal raving, fighting and general criminal behaviour. For many years I would hang out with this group on a very regular basis. We would go to illegal raves and take drugs every single weekend for around 3 years straight from when I was 14 to 17. As you can imagine this caused serious problems for my mental and physical health. Through these years my physical health was poor. I had extremely bad skin from all the drugs I was taking and had a very skinny, timid appearance from a terrible diet, lifestyle and sleep pattern. My mental health was also not in a good place and I often struggled with reality. In short, I was completely addicted to smoking cannabis, going out with my mates and rebelling against God.

I was getting in bad trouble at school, in fact, I got expelled from two secondary schools and my use of drugs and raving lifestyle was no secret to my fellow students and teachers. As you can imagine my life was a complete mess at this point and I felt like my parents were ashamed of me but still loved me. I was beginning to get fed up and started to look for a way out of this lifestyle and for a way to get out of this group of bad influences. 

At the age of 17½ years old, I remember my mother and older sister encouraged me to join a gym. I thought to myself “what's the harm”? So I went for my first weight training session which I fell in love with straight away. I quickly started seeing some extremely positive effects on my body, I grew muscle and my complexion got healthier. I enjoyed the mental and physical health benefits along with having a structured and healthy meal plan.

As I got more and more into the gym, I started to seriously cut down my cannabis usage and the number of times I would go on nights out. In turn, this led me to see my friends less and less as none of them were interested in joining a gym. The bad lifestyle I was previously involved in comparison with the healthy one at the gym, just did not go hand in hand.

Throughout this period, my brother was getting more seriously unwell. At one point he was not allowed out of a sealed hospital room for around 8 weeks and I had to visit him through a glass window.

On November 11th 2014, I was cycling home from college. My brother had been extremely unwell that week. The hospital advised us that he should be sent back to our home address so we could spend some time with him in private. They knew at this point he had not long to live. At around 4 pm I walked in the door and I remember hearing my family shout for me to come into the living room. They all knelt down by the sofa surrounding my brother. I also knelt down and held him in my arms as he took his last breath.

From that point onwards my life changed. My whole perception of the gift of life completely changed. It made me realise how real and close death is to us at any moment! For the next few months after my brothers' death, I didn't want to leave my house and entered a dark place in my life. I spent a large amount of time in my room praying to God and dwelling in his Spirit. I spent many hours crying at the feet of God and asking him for forgiveness for my sins. I had deep remorse in my heart and repentance towards God.

For the next year after the death of my brother I grew closer to God and really started to live a life that pleased Him. I completely stopped all drugs, raving and most importantly, had completely cut off all my old friends.

Of course, Satan had other ideas. As you can imagine he slowly tried to worm his way back into my life and sent me off course in a completely different manner to the way in which he previously used.

When I was 18 I met my first ever girlfriend. This relationship quickly became one of sin. For the first time in my life I was taken over by the spirit of lust and began to fornicate on a regular basis with a girl who I was not married to, nor was I evenly yoked with. I felt very trapped in this life of sin. I thought I loved her. But deep down, I knew I wasn’t. I could feel the weight of the sin down inside me.

This un-godly relationship went on and I would just try and sweep my sin under the carpet and try to forget about it. But after a year into the relationship, the weight of the guilt and sin built up and it was too much for my heart. I eventually built up the courage to end things with her as God was really calling on me to end it and I knew it was best for both of us.

In that time period of being single, my faith continued to grow once again. I got baptised in water and the Holy Spirit by Steven James. A couple of months later I was somehow drawn back to her and fell back into the routine of sin. I just could not get myself away from the relationship. Satan kept pulling me back in through the fleshly desires of sex, lust and a false sense of love. Being unequally yoked, the relationship continued to go downhill and I started to lose respect for her. Eventually, the relationship fell apart after 3½ years of being on and off. I was left feeling extremely distressed and depressed, knowing how much time I had invested into this girl who I thought I loved, for nothing in return. I was left with nothing but hurt and resentment in my heart. At this point, I felt like my relationship with God had grown extremely distant as I had spent too long turning my back on him for the desires of my own flesh. I was left feeling at rock bottom with my faith torn apart.

After the relationship ended and for the next year afterwards Satan continued to work in my life and quickly tried to fill that sinful hole inside me by influencing me to living a life of clubbing, holiday in Ibiza, drinking alcohol, going to festivals and chasing women.

3 weeks ago I became incredibly unwell for 6 days straight, in fact, this was the most unwell I had ever felt in my life. My symptoms were piercing headaches which lasted all day, fever, cold sweats, flu symptoms, loss of appetite and a lump on my skin. two days into this illness I realised I was not getting any better and actually getting worse.

On the second day of the illness, I started to weep at the feet of God and cried my heart out for forgiveness for my sins and for my illness to be healed. This deep repentance went on for 6 days and eventually I was forgiven and healed!

God continues to forgive me for all the awful sin in my life. He was giving me another chance to start afresh and to live for him and not for the world! He is a loving and fair God! I am now on fire for God and have no intentions of ever turning back into an unfruitful life of sin, guilt and shame.