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We are experienced house sitters and reliable tenants with excellent references shown below.

What is house sitting?

House sitting is where people look after your home while you are away. This can be a simple two week vacation or months, or sometimes a year or more where you may work abroad. House sitting provides security for your home. It can prevent squatters, thieves, frozen pipes and machines ceasing up. It can also mean that your car gets used whilst you are away so avoids a flat battery, or even the need to sell the vehicle on long trips away.

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melissa Schofield-Linnell

"Thank you once again for leaving our house so clean."

"I’m glad you enjoyed your time here. I’ll let you know if and when we next go away, but we’re never away for more than 7 days because of the animals, and more often it is only for a long weekend. Still, if you’d be interested in staying just for a long weekend, do let me know."


Dr Daniel Varghese

"Steven and Tamara James have been our guest house sitters in the past and are currently living in our house to enable us to go away for a few months. They are a fine family of committed Christians, honest and trustworthy. They have always maintained the house neat and tidy and in fact the house was in a better shape when they left. Steven is a perfectionist and has been quick to spot any problems with our old house and fix them. Without any hesitation whatsoever I can strongly recommend them for house sitting for anyone who needs their help and I would be quite happy to give my house in future when I need to go away on a holiday".

Dr Daniel Varghese


We are very happy to give you a reference for Steven and Tamara James and their lovely family. They stayed in our home for about 4 weeks in the summer of 2014, and took excellent care of it. We would have no hesitation at offering our home to them in the future if the opportunity arose. We would deem them to be trustworthy, reliable and respectful of other persons property and belongings. During their stay at our home they fixed a few things that were broken and repaired any damage that they incurred. They went to the extra trouble of improving a few things on the property whilst they were there and hired cleaners before they left to leave the house extra spic and span (as they were not in the position to do this after the birth of their 5th child, with packing etc.)

If you have any further queries, we would be happy to speak with you personally.

With regards

Christian and Rhoda

sue pratt

Hi Steven,

Steven and Tamara James and their children have been excellent guests at Redbourn Missionary Housing, being responsible and reliable in terms of looking after the property and paying the fees.
They are also a friendly and helpful family to have around.

Sue Pratt
Scheme Manager
Redbourn Missionary Housing

lydia bate

Steven and Tamara James have frequently been our house guest sitters.
We are so blessed when they come to care for our home . Their children are a great asset and help to care for our pets and garden. They are impeccably behaved.
Steven deals with maintaining. He is a great handy-man capable of most house maintenance. Tamara (Emma) is very tidy and keeps the house spic and span and is an excellent cook.
We are very grateful for the times we have been able to rely on Steven and Tamara to coordinate our older teenagers if we have had to be away. I have known they are in very caring company and that all aspects of their welfare are met. This for us has been very valuable.
We are very grateful for the entire James family and would highly recommend them as house sitters.

Lydia Bate (Mrs)

sarah haines 

I can verify that Steven James and his family lived at The Conference Hall Flat at the Wellsborough Home, from January 12th 2012 to the 1st of August 2012. During this time they were excellent tenants who were honest and reliable. It was a pleasure to have them at the Home & they were an integral part of the community. Their children were at all times well behaved. Their youngest son was born at the Home and the whole family were a great blessing to us.



Pilgrim Homes

chris ensoll

Steven and Tamara James and their lovely children stayed in our house for about six weeks in February and March 2013, whilst we were working in France. They took excellent care of the house, and left it beautifully clean and tidy. They were in touch with us all the time we were away, and let us know of any problems as they arose. Steven did some maintenance work in our kitchen, applying a sealant to the wooden work surfaces, which improved them enormously.

We would have no hesitation in recommending the James family as house-sitters.

Yours faithfully


Iain Hildyard

I am very happy to provide you and Tamara with a very positive reference for house sitting, or as tenants. You were in our house from July 2012 until January 2013 and during that time your whole family treated the house with the utmost care and respect. You were always easy to contact, and careful to look after the property. You contributed to the bills as agreed and without any hassle. You kept the house and garden very clean and tidy. You were also very pleasant to our neighbours and friends.

In summary, you were a pleasure to have as house sitters.

I would be happy to talk in person to any potential house owners should this help.

Kind regards


​Pear Tree Cottage

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