Bishop Adam McNatt

"As the Auxiliary Bishop of Global Harvest International Fellowship, where we have worked with thousands of ministers and missionaries in more than 50 nations, meeting Steven and Tamara in Jamaica was truly God ordained. Seeing their missionary work first hand has been a great source of encouragement to me personally. When you support the work they are doing you can be sure lives will be transformed to the glory of God".
Bishop Adam W. McNatt
Hamilton, Georgia, USA


Steven you have an exceptional God given gift to be able to preach the gospel to any individual in a versatile way where it is suited to the persons character. Its a blessing. And your 'yerr man!' in a Jamaican accent is the perfect ice breaker


​T​hank you sir for your ministry today
Your supernatural approach has awakened something in the church

God increase you more and more



Just remember that all the sacrifices that you make are not in vain. If it wasnt for your ministry I would not be where I am today. Through your teachings and challenges on my worldly beliefs I was able to be saved. I had never felt convicted of all my sins like that before, all those years ago. And you guided me to make the decision to get baptized and live for Jesus. And now I am blessed with eternal salvation. Keep the ministry going. We are in the final years.


Brother Steven has been amazing when I was first born again.  I was going through depression.  He prayed for me, and it encouraged me to carry on believing and having faith.  

It's wonderful the work he is doing in Jamaica.  I hope he will be able to carry on this work in Jesus's name.


To Whom It May Concern

I will like to endorse the work of onewayjesus ministries. I have known both Pastor Steven and Tamara for 18 years. Myself and my daughter were  baptised by them. I believe God is using them mightily. I have been following their work  in Jamaica and Pastor Steven does a lot of teaching, preaching, baptising and helping the poor and feeding the homeless. They are a wonderful family that has a passion for God and people. 


Hello Steven and Tamara,

Thank you so much for your help, you encouraged me to step out to work hard and make money because we all know Christianity needs money.

You also helped me reach out to people on my own to offer them either a place to stay or a lift in my car. If need be I have even offered to help a single mother who's daughter has been taken into care a lift to a woman's refuge nearer to her family.

Thanks for you time


Been following Steve and Tamara for more than 2 years now and quite impressed in what God is using them to do in their local community. 

Particularly love the story of the fast hospital recovery for Dwayne and his cousin Donique. This recovery was possible
as a result of the consistent visit and prayers of Steve and Tamara.

To This, would like to recommend that if Steve and Tamara are given more support of any kind, they would do more to reach out to more families and needy people of their community.

Many Regards

 Jean (Missionary)

I would like to give a reference for Steven and Tamara regarding their ministry in Jamaica. 

They are selfless and a family of utmost integrity and what they are doing in that place is changing lives, saving lives, and setting people free to live better lives. I would recommend that financial provision should be given for them to continue and grow what they have started. 


The ministry of OnewayJesus has been a blessing to my family and continues to bless others as well. 
Steve, Tamara and the children are selfless individuals who have yielded to the leading of the Holy Spirit into serving in Jamaica. 

Their ministry needs support spiritually, financially, physically and I pray and hope for more support for them to be able to accomplish their God ordained purpose in Jamaica. 


I met Steven & Tamara James and their children at the house of some Christian friends in February 2019. They invited me and my 2 boys to come to their church in Hemel Hempstead, though as it's quite far away we didn't manage to while they were in the UK.

A few months later the same friends asked me whether I would like to be baptised by total immersion because Steven was offering to baptise me. (I was baptised and confirmed in the Church of England at 13, but had never been baptised by total immersion.) I accepted the offer, and found it quite a memorable experience! I think it has also helped to underline my personal commitment to the Gospel. Steven & Tamara told my friends and me about their plans to do mission work in Jamaica, so it has been good to see their plans become reality in the various videos they have been emailing from Jamaica over the last 9 months or so.

Having seen some of their latest videos I decided I would like to support their work (under the banner of One Way Jesus Ministries), since it is clear that the James' are 100% committed to reaching people with the Gospel and are walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Their videos show people responding to the message and seeing God meet needs in their lives. This work is in its early stages and Steven & Tamara have ploughed their personal finances into it, trusting God to provide for their own needs and the various needs of their 5 children. I hope and pray that this ministry will go from strength to strength in Jamaica and beyond, and look forward to seeing more of its fruit.


We have known and supported Steven, Tamara and their beautiful children and frontline ministry for several years now. Me and my family are fully persuaded that the sacrifice and commitment that this God loving family have made, is truly an honouring one to the command and heart of Jesus, to go and preach the gospel and make disciples. Any ministry needs funding to continue the work set before them; so I pray that those of you reading this will allow God, the Father of our Lord Jesus, to stir up in your heart a spirit of cheerful giving and allow Him to determine the amount and regularity of seed sown into good ground. You can expect a harvest in your own life.. as you can't out give God! God loves and delights in a cheerful giver.. If He can get it through you, He can get it to you. 

Be blessed in Him today, because you are.

Dr Daniel 

It gives me great pleasure to endorse James and Tamara and their ministry. Steven 
James and Tamara are personally known to me. They did house sitting for me to enable me to go away on a holiday to visit my daughter and grandchildren. They are honest and conscientious. James and Tamara are committed Christians who have embarked on a mission to spread the Good News of the love of God for man and all His creation through the sacrifice of his only begotten son Jesus Christ leaving all their possessions. I wish them success in all their endeavours and pray for God’s blessings on their mission. 

Chas Woods

Steven and Tamara are people of integrity who have a heart to care for the poor and marginalised in Jamaica.  Their efforts in sharing the good news and building simple church in a local community that is worth supporting.


Good morning. I would  like to thank you for your faithful work and all you do. I have been blessed   your  ministry and seen how you are impacting so many lives in Jamaica. I  personally  know what your prayers have meant to me. God bless you


Steven, Tamara and their beautiful family stayed with us and we were so blessed. Steven talked with me as if I were a adult and told me that he would support me if I want to go to the mission field when I am older and I was so touched! Tamara and us children prayed in tongues together and everyone got pictures and visions. The Steven James family are doing amazing work for the kingdom and should be proud of it.

We love you guys and God bless you and your family!
Stay in God's bountiful mercy and grace.


Dear Joshua,

I really enjoyed the video and have shared it with others. Great quality work, the sounds too. Well done.
God bless you,
Aunty Anju