As well as being an Evangelist, Apologist, Preacher and Teacher, Steven is a minister of the Holy Spirit. Steven was converted under the great Apologist and minister of the Holy Spirit Nicky Gumble of Holy Trinity Brompton London. When he shares the gospel it always includes a personal or group encounter with the Holy Spirit which has an effect of changing lives. Some of the manifestations people experience when first receiving the Holy Spirit include visions, hearing God's voice, freedom from bondage, emotional healing, joy, peace, and power.

Previously Steven was a successful business management consultant working with a new company to make it the United Kingdom market leader. The same skills and attitude are transposed into the Kingdom to help any church whether small or large. He has an eye for detail and has experienced many outpourings of the Holy Spirit and seen God do great wonders and deliverances. The testimonies he and his family have could not be contained in one single book. Volumes would be needed that would fill a room.

Steven was anointed by God soon after his salvation with the following scripture when God spoke to him through the Word Luke 4:18-19:

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,
Because He has anointed Me
To preach the gospel to the poor;
He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to the captives
And recovery of sight to the blind,
To set at liberty those who are oppressed;
To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.”


In 1997 Steven resolved within himself to know the truth about life and getting right with God, no matter what the cost was to him before the year 2000. He embarked on a journey through the New Age movement, then visiting a false church (cult) for 2 months, leaving to attend the Alpha Course at Holy Trinity Brompton, and starting his salvation journey, been filled with the Holy Spirit in November 1999. God was faithful to honour his heart's desire to find Him, and know Him by the date he aimed for with 1 month to spare!


Steven has a passion to work with churches in the Kingdom of God to build them up, encourage them, and make suggestions which can bring revivals and harvests of lost souls. He also has a passion for training anyone to move in the supernatural power of God. 

  • Lost souls
  • Healing and deliverance
  • Marriage and the family
  • Prophesy
  • Truth of God’s word
  • God’s Character in creation and Science
  • Christians in the business
  • Teaching and Training
  • ​Apologetics

Ministry Experience

  • Running numerous training for a one day course on a “The Supernatural Lifestyle” in different churches around the world to train the congregations to reach the lost
  • A course for Christians in business on how to start up or improve an existing business.
  • Running Alpha Courses.
  • Evangelising and baptising of souls.
  • Fathering men in the Lord.
  • Prayer ministry.
  • Past President of a branch of “Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International”
  • Organising a conference for men entitled “21st Century Patriarchs”.
  • Missionary work preaching the Gospel in England, Jamaica and Bulgaria, Brazil, USA.
  • Teaching the word of God.
  • Raising the comatosed
  • Pastor and associate pastor

Ministry training

  • Prayer Ministry Training
  • Alpha courses
  • The Marriage Course
  • Parenting Teenagers Course
  • Parenting Course
  • Mission Preparation
  • Listening to the God Who Speaks
  • Getting Free of Demonic Assault
  • Moving with the Spirit and Ministering in the Spiritual Gifts
  • Living a fear-free life
  • Marriage God’s Way
  • Preparation for Marriage
  • Marriage Course
  • Evangelism
  • Prophetic Training
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Hearing from God
  • Restoring the Foundations
  • Deliverance counselling Training
  • Experience

Theological Studies

  • The doctrine of The Trinity
  • The doctrine of The Son
  • The doctrine of The Father
  • The doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • The doctrine of man
  • The doctrine and history of the Church
  • The doctrine of sin
  • The doctrine of salvation
  • The doctrine of Satan
  • The doctrine of angels
  • The doctrine of fallen angels
  • The doctrine of the Bible
  • The doctrine of prophesy
  • 613 points of the law
  • The millennium
  • The new heaven and new earth
  • The Epistles
  • The synoptic gospels
  • The Old Testament prophets
  • The Old Testament kingdoms
  • Genesis - Revelation